5 Examples of Effective Branded Marketing Materials for Events

Events provide a unique opportunity to grow your company’s leads, build your brand’s presence, and communicate with your target audience. Whether you’re hosting your own event or making a presence at someone else’s, you should be taking full advantage of the ample opportunity to drive your business forward with branded marketing materials.

Your marketing collateral is an extension of your brand, and it’s often the first impression that a prospect has about your organization. When executed properly, branded marketing materials will continue promoting your brand long after the event is over. In fact, according to PPAI, 79% of consumers will research a brand after receiving a promotional product.

The right marketing materials should aim to:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive Sales
  • Engage Your Target Audience

Your first step is to determine your objectives:

  • Are you attending the event to sell products?
  • Is your goal to gather leads?
  • Are you raising awareness for your company or a specific cause?

When you’re in a bustling event space alongside other companies who are trying just as hard to showcase their own brands, how do you distinguish your brand and leave an impression that lasts? Check out some of the most effective branded promotional merchandise that you can leverage to achieve success at your next event:

1. Branded Tents and Tablecloths

When you’re surrounded by a sea of other booths at an event, your display needs to attract your target audience to approach and engage with your brand. A high-impact way to do this is by branding the booth itself. A professionally branded tent or tablecloth with vibrant, eye-catching imagery gives your brand an immediate competitive edge by maximizing exposure and encouraging prospects to take notice of your brand.

Branded Tent and Tablecloth

2. Logoed Magnetic Picture Frames

A unique and powerful way to promote your business at events is by transforming your brand into a long-lasting, interactive keepsake: logoed magnetic picture frames keep both your brand – and your target audience – front and center. By offering branded, customized photo magnets at major events, your brand will integrate itself into your prospects’ daily lives and cherished memories.

magnetic picture frame

3. Branded Reusable Tote Bags

According to a 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study, half of all consumers are more likely to pursue business with a company that provides a promo bag at an event. A high-quality branded tote can be reused over and over again – which inadvertently advertises your brand everywhere it’s carried – and it can also serve as a helpful way for your prospect to collect all of the individual items that are inevitably collected elsewhere during the event itself.

collection of branded tote bags

4. Useful Items

Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers report owning branded writing instruments (Advertising Specialty Institute). It’s clear that your prospects have enough pens. Your high-value prospects are far more likely to keep, use and enjoy branded promotional materials that provide value to them. Examples included branded USB drives, flash drives, bottle openers and koozies, but the possibilities are endless.

Variety of Useful Promo Products

5. Branded Snacks and Drinks

An indisputable – and unique – way to lure prospective clients to your booth is by offering branded snacks and drinks. Everyone loves free food, and offering branded treats can help make your brand even more memorable. For drinks, you could offer specialty cocktails or stir sticks branded with your logo.

Branded cupcakes for an event


  • Your logos, imagery, color themes and branding must be consistent. Small details are important and reflect your company’s professionalism and integrity.
  • Your promotional items should all contain some form of contact info based on what’s viable for that item. Depending on the item and the space it allows you to work with, this info could be as simple as your website, phone number or even a hashtag.
  • Partner with a marketing agency that can produce high-quality marketing materials that will impress and entice your prospective clients.